Tundra Swans at Middle Creek

  • pastel by Chris Ludke

Because I can’t keep up with the demand for my work around here, I pulled this drawing out of my flat files. I did this years ago and never framed it.  So this is the first time it’s seen in public. I haven’t looked at it for a long time. I still like it, and ordered a frame.

 When I started drawing in plein air, I went up to “the project” which is what the local people call Middle Creek wildlife preserve. In the 1970s the govt. took a lot of farm land attached to the state game lands. They dammed a stream and made a lake. They plant fields with grain for the migrating birds. And they limit your access to it. It’s really beautiful up there in the PA. foothills close to my home town Ephrata. Now they get huge flocks of migrating birds.  When the snow geese are there, they look like snow on the ground because there’s thousands of them. When they take flight, they are as loud as a tractor. Bird watchers come from all states.


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