The Mummy @ VMFA

My review of the exhibit

I saw it with my daughter Sarah Hill. First there is a very informative movie narrated by Patrick Stewart. When the camera pans up over the mummy from the feet to the head, we were impressed. Then the camera gets to the head and we both said, “Yikes ! ” But then they show you what he looked like alive and it’s ok.

He talks about the ancient Egyptians beliefs and the different things they included in the burial.

When he talks about the mummification process, it’s not for the squeemish. They preserved the internal organs with salt and put them back in the body. Except the brain. They broke open the nasal cavity and removed the brain with a hook, and didn’t preserve it.

When the movie was over I said to Sarah, ” I guess they thought the brain was just fluff.  And she said ” sometimes it is just fluff. ”

Sarah thought the sound effects added to the film really added to the “ick factor.”

In the gallery we counted 4 human mummies, a mummy kitten and a mummy ibis. They have a lot of great artifacts from ancient Egypt.

No photography is allowed in the exhibit, so I’m showing you my souvenir pencil box that is a copy of the coffin of Nesperennub.

We enjoyed the exhibit and learned a lot.


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