Warhorse / Richmond VA.

I can’t draw it because it ‘s too sad

Richmond’s Warhorse is in front of the VA. Historical Society on the Boulevard. It’s sadder than the figures in Hollywood Cemetery. The Warhorse movie was so unrealistic.

Sometimes people from out of town think Richmoners are still fighting the Civil War. Maybe they saw guys with Confederate flags in front of the museum. Or maybe they saw guys in Confederate uniforms walking around Stonewall Jackson’s monument on a busy intersection. This statue is far back off the road, but a lot of people see it .
My dear departed friend Dick Clayman talked about the Civil War a lot. I don’t hear much about it from my other friends, but I am aware of Richmond’s history. When I was drawing in Hollywood Cemetery , I felt sorry for the southern ladies after the war, because it wiped out a whole generation of men. There were no men left , except some too old to fight and children.
The southerners starved. The Yankee prisoners on Belle Isle starved too. The South tried to arrange a prisoner exchange, but the North wouldn’t agree.
VA, was #8 out of the 11 states that seceeded from the Union. Up until then Tredegar Iron Works  was making cannons for the Federal govt. So the north had the south outgunned.
That’s just a few reasons why the memory is still alive here. This sculpture is a reminder of the horror of the war. It took a long time for Richmond to recover, but it’s prospering again.

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