skulls and bones / never boring

Chris plays “make a mummy”

This is the skull of a coyote and the jaw bone of a deer.

I was invited to enter a show in April at Art 6 organized by Helene Ruiz called  “Disguises”. Sounds like another fun show with the Urban Individualists ! A taxidermist gave me these, and told me to use peroxide ,not bleach, to clean and whiten them. I covered the skull with paper towels and paste to keep it from disintigrating . I didn’t cover the jaw bone yet. Also it helps when  working on them if they’re covered with a layer of paper. So that’s the first step. I’ll assemble the pieces and make a mask to be Anubis, the Egyptian god with a jackal head. I’ll have to make some big ears.
This is my kind of fun with art. I imagine I’m preparing the skull for its next life in the art world.

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