Elevation ( Standing Woman ) by Gaston Lachaise

First 100 times or so I walked past this I was a little annoyed by it.

After I drew the 2 fawns playing in the same gallery, I got used to this figure.

Why do you think the hands are posed like this ? No explanation is given on the plaque. I thought either she was in a swarm of gnats, or walked into a spider web. I can hardly concentrate on reading the plaque, because there’s a photo of the artist frowning hard for the camera.  The plaque says his muse was his wife.  Look at my other shot of it from the back. Her butt is a scream , it’s flat and saggy ! The artist must have wanted it to look like that. The critics of the day praised it’s “monumentality, strength, and grace”. The artist studied under the Art Nouveau master Lalique. After getting used to it, I don’t dislike it any more. I think it’s interesting now.


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