Vajra Terror Mandala / Tibet, 16th century / 20″x17″

A mandala scared me.

The show is at the Michael C. Carlos Museum at Emory Universtiy, in Atlanta GA.

One gallery is filled with mandalas like this one. No photography is allowed. This is a post card.
There is a case in a corner with one displayed flat. I wondered if it was on skin. The others are on fabric. The plaque said “painted on flayed human skin “. I had to look away. When I got back to Richmond, I wondered what it means. Did the monk mean to say that human skin is the same as canvas to paint on ? Because I see a lot of people around here that would agree with that. Only those people take their skin art with them when they die.
They have books in the gift shop about how to make your own mandala. It’s a spiritual journey. I might enjoy making one some time in the future, because I like geometric designs. I’m PA. Dutch and have made hundreds of hex signs. But I can’t relate much to the philosophy.
Let me state here that I don’t believe in supernatural forces, and they are not messing with me.  🙂 It’s just a coincidence that a couple weeks ago I posted “The Flayed One ” on the blog, then was scared by actual flayed human skin.
If you go out looking for beauty, sometimes you see something scary.

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