free art lessons / fawns

I got the middle ground under control.

I usually start with building up the background first, because working from top to bottom keeps pastel dust from falling on to finished parts. But here, I worked on the middle ground first because I wanted to get the spring foliage in before it goes away.  I put layers of pastel on the Loblolly pine to make the bark texture. I don’t have dark enough pastels to make a dark enough black, so I used my charcoal pencil in the cracks of the bark. Sometimes you hear people say, ” don’t use black. ” But I use it when I need it, and I don’t see the mud. Do you see mud ? Artists, don’t fear black.  The tree looked too red with my first colors, So I put in some grey, and didn’t blend it. Then it was too grey, so I put some burnt umber on top of the grey. Then I liked it.  There’s a lot of layers of pastel on the path . I adjusted the colors and values a few times till I got close to what I see. I got the sticks back in the picture from the dried hydrangeas around the pine tree. And I scrubbed the brown out of the fawns with a dry sponge, but the color is still there. Now I can go back to the museum with pastel pencils and conte pencils and finish the fawns.  I didn’t work on the top background of the picture yet, or make the background trees visible yet . That’s still one layer of color.


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