free art lessons / fawns in the museum again

I'm not finished with the fawns.

I took the paper off my drawing board and taped it to the sketch book, and covered it with glassiene paper to protect the pastel from smearing in the parts with layers built up ,while I work on the fawns.The museum has a policy of pencils only, and they limit your paper size. You can get a permission paper allowing you to bring an easle or other media in, but I can’t plan that far in advance to list dates and times I’ll be there with my easle. Outside in the sculpture garden ,they don’t care. But in the galleries, I just stick to holding my sketchbook in hand while drawing, instead of bringing my easle.And I used my pastel pencils here. The pencils don’t have the brightness and pigment that is in regular pastels, so I think the fawns look a little weak next to the rest of the picture. I’ll have to do something about that.Also the fawns sculpture in the museum is made of aluminum, and its not colored like real fawns, so I took my best guess on the colors here.


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