Grafitti / Art or Vandalism / You Decide

found in an abandoned industrial building on Belle Isle, Richmond VA.

This young artist expresses a feeling shared by a lot of artists, so in that way it could be considered art. The thrill in grafitti is getting away with it. There is usually a meaning, even if it’s just to mark gang turf. Most people would agree that gang signs are not art. Here’s a link to the Toynbee Tiles. It’s grafitti / tile art found in cities in the U.S. and South America. Toynbee was a philospher who talked about civilazation, life and  humanity.   The person who made the tiles is unknown, but he wants people to know that ideas from the Kubric movie 2001 came from Toynbee. Specifically the idea idea of ressurect the dead on Jupiter. It’s too far out to be anything but science fiction, but Toynbee also said ” Strive for the impssible, even though the goal is unattainable, because one would accomplish significant things on the way.”  I had to google search to see the pctures of the tiles.


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