The Heron Rookery / detail

heron drawn at 1.25 inch

In nature you have to look to find the herons. You might not see them because of  their grey color. so they are not the main focal point of the picture. I sent the image to my web master, so the finished drawing will show up on my web site soon. Tips for drawing at the pipeline trail , for safety’s sake :Either go on the weekend when a lot of people are there, or go early in the morning.

I’m trying to avoid the homeless, and many perverts that go there. They’re not as active early in the morning. But the birds are very active early in the day. Also watch out for ticks and poison ivy. Ticks will be bad this year, and the poison ivy is every where. I love the river, but a lady artist working in plein air has to be aware of those things , and take a friend along if possible. One great thing about Richmond is that it is a little wild right through the heart of the city.


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