Child Picking a Fruit by Mary Cassatt

Let me tell you why I love this picture.

This photo doesn’t show the colors as they look in person, but I hope you can see it’s a masterpiece. The painterly quality is sophisticated. You can see the brushstrokes on the skin, but they don’t make the baby’s skin look rough. She used greenish grey in the shadows on the skin. But the color mixing is so good that you don’t see green.  You see woman and child as part of nature. You see her beautiful dress. The woman’s face is partly hidden, because the baby is the star here. It has a quality I call sublime because it has a spiritual feeling. When I leave the picture, I’m thinking about it later. Does the baby reach for an apple because of the symbolism of the apple in art representing knowledge ? Does it show the  ideal  ( lost in our age ), of mother and child as a special bond with nature ? Do you see anything this good being painted these days ?


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