Sleeping Lion @ Maymont / Japanese Garden

I pasted the fence onto the acrylic wash background. And worked on the bamboo leaves. I still want to add more leaves, so I didn’t glue all the leaves down.

The lion is taped on so I can plan the pedestal. That’s my start on his pedestal on the left. It looke like a celtic floral design carved into the stone. I roughed in some stones, but I couldn’t make a better arrangement, so I’m drawing it the way it looks .

I’m also planning the stone wall behind the lion and his base . That burnt umber and grey acrylic scribble on the bottom of the picture will be covered with stones and ivy.

When I work on a picture, I make 1000 decisions.  I look at what I just did and decide if I want to continue, or change that part. some times it takes me days , weeks , months to get a difficult question worked out. It’s important not to rush so there’s a better chance my choices will work out. But I’m almost finished with this collage now.


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