Maharaja @ VMFA

No photography is allowed in the exhibit. This is my favorite figure from India in our permanent collection.

I always loved art, music, dance, stories and ladies in beautiful saris from India, so I had to see this show on opening day.

It’s the splendors of India’s great kings. They have paintings of life in old India, done in opaque watercolor. Some are so layered they look like collage. The artists got amazing detail in the pictures. They are bright and heavily textured. There’s a painting of a parade with chariots pulled by elephants with kings, gods, and thousands of figures. It’s probably 20′ long. They also have a lot of things owned by kings that are dripping with gold , and HUGE diamonds and other jewels.

My favorite painting is a battle scene at the Rajput palace when the emporor Akbar attacked. You can see fire, smoke, the battle going on. And at the top of the palace the ladies are dancing to prepare for their mass suicide. All I can say is Wow ! Amazing ! Beautiful !


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