Acis and Galatea by Antoine Jean Gros

The cyclops Polythemus loves the nymph Galatea, but she loves the shepherd Acis. They’re hiding from the cyclops, but they can hear him calling her.

I was sad after I read the plaque in the museum, because it says this genius master artist committed suicide after the critics hated this painting. They thought  Gros was too old fashioned because he still painted in this neoclassical style, and the art world had moved on to newer styles..

He could have made more great paintings if he’d have lived out his natural life. Why didn’t he reject the criticism as coming from unreliable sources ?  Through out the history of modern man, the art world has been a magnet for fakes , fraud and con men. I think he probably knew that.

As an artist, I know a little about depression. But I’m not opening that can of worms. You’re welcome.

I just want to say, artists and non artists, STAY ALIVE ! KEEP WORKING !

Maybe you’re life sux and there’s nothing you can do about it. Time will change things for you.  Mental health gets better. Meanwhile distract your brain with art, music, sports, games or conversation as much as possible. Eventually you will have a new perspective and be better than ever ! You know I’m not lying.

Now lets talk about those critics that drove Gros over the edge. Click all that apply. They were :

A. perceptive

B. obtuse

C. independent thinkers

D. sheep

E. good at making judgement calls

F. on drugs

G. honest

H. taking bribes

darn, I don’t know how to tally votes.  🙂


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