a plan for Cleopatra / rose garden @ Lewis Ginter

This is a collage I’m making with my conte pencil drawing of Cleo. I’m doing the whole picture in the same pencils so it all goes together. I’m not finished with the stone architecture. It’s taped to a watercolor wash in raw sienna and paynes grey that I think will be good sky colors. And I’m planning 3 groups of roses. 2 will be seen through the windows farther in the background, and 1 bush will be climbing up the stones on the left. I’ll probably have to make a few trees too. This is a difficult project for me, so it will be a while till I’m finished. Remember when Michelangelo was painting the cieling and the pope kept asking when will it be done ? And he said , what ? I’ll tell you when I’m finished . Now we live in a fast world where artists think they have to do a finished piece every week, or every day. But I’m not on that art treadmill , thankgod.


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