The Burial of Latane by William Washington

This is my favorite painting in the VMFA’s civil war exhibit. There till Aug. 25.

No photography is allowed in the show. This camera shot is from the catalogue in the gift shop.The plaque says William Washington lived in Richmond.Latane was 29 when he died, the only casualty in JEB Stuart’s defense of Richmond in 1862. The painting was inspired by a poem that is also on the wall at the VMFA. According to the poem, Latane was good looking, even dead. And this painting became an icon of the lost cause. He was from Hanover Co. just north of Richmond. The scene shows him being buried by the women and slaves of Westwood Plantation.The show also includes 2 paintings by one of my favorites, Winslow Homer, and writings by Walt Whitman . Those two were survivors of the war. The pictures and writings give you a good idea of life in those days.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. james
    Sep 26, 2014 @ 11:59:37

    I just want to reply that this painting is not a reflection of “life in those days.” It is a reflection of the proslavery racism, it is pure white southern myth.


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