The Dream by Henri Rousseau @ Philadelphia Museum of Art

painted in 1910, in the museums ” Visions of Arcadia ” exhibit , until Sept 4th. No photography is allowed in the show. This is a print for sale in the giftshop.

Henri Rousseau was a self taught painter who studied on his own at the Louvre. He was accepted as an equal by the other great artists of his day.

The legend of Arcadia is that it was on a Greek peninsula called Peloponese (older than the moon).  It represents a life of mobility and ease, simplicity and grace, dignity coupled with desire, robust and serene, refinement, pure, otherworldliness, timeless, dreamy place. These are words from the museum that I think describe it well.

The subjects of nudes in a landscape, bathing, dancing, drinking,in harmony with nature, was a popular theme with lots of artists working in different styles of art. The museum advertises Cezanne, Gauguin and Matisse, but they have so many more of my favorite artists in the show too !

They were inspired by poetry. A quote from Virgil

Ut pictura poesis.   ( as is painting, so is poetry )


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