Brillo Box by Andy Warhol @ VMFA

Why are the elite so fascinated by the mundane ?

This is what I learned at York Academy of Art. ” The mind seeks balance. ”

How does that relate to me as an academic artist ? Fitzgee, Wise and Kleindinst all told us that we should avoid balance in our compositions. They said as soon as the mind sees balance it is bored and moves on to the next thing.  So to keep the viewers interest we should not make balanced pictures.

How do I answer the 1st question using that theory ? Imagine you’re an elite lady. Your day is always busy. Your husband makes big bucks, and you might have a nanny and a housekeeper. You don’t have time to spend with your kids or time to do housework because of all your social obligations, community service, classes, apointments, etc. Those ladies feel disconnected from the middle class. Maybe they wish they had the simple life. They might wish they could just go home after work and watch tv. The mind tries to compensate for what’s missing from their lives. ( seek balance ) So the things they make into icons are symbols of  that. Then they have to explain the beauty of the packaging to real artists who overlook it. Or maybe their explanation sounds like it came from the ozone. And that is to confuse you and make you think that you’re not smart enough to “get it “.

It’s a fake thing, like a trick your mind plays on you if you’ll fall for it.

I still love Andy Warhol. But you have to admire him for what he was, an opportunistic genius at self promotion who got rich off the credulous art elite.


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