painting @ the Pipeline Trail

2 more trips to the river, and still not finished with the first layer of glazes.

I made glazes for light and medium values to put in the water, bridges and  most of the vegetation. The Sycamore tree on the left is still the underpainting with no glazes on it yet..

The good thing about using glazes and building up layers is that the first color you make, you try to get close to what you see in color and value. But it won’t be right on the first try. When you go back, you say, I need more green, or make that lighter or darker. Then its closer on the second layer of glazes to being right . You have to compare the colors against each other and make adjustments.

An art tip from the academy is to make the value contrasts stronger in the forground. And more grey and less texture in the background. That helps give arial perspective.


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