ATCs can take you anywhere…even to the Rhone…

ATC Sunflowers

“I Will Buy Myself Sunflowers”

Inspiration for ATCs can come from anywhere.

I love Sunflowers. They can brighten any day. I love to grow them. I love seeing fields of Sunflowers.

While looking through a magazine, I saw the line: “I will buy myself sunflowers”. I loved the idea of it…as I often buy flowers “just because”…

I love the creative process. It’s a pleasure just to let my mind wander, to listen to my Muse, and see where it leads me. In this case, the Sunflowers escorted me to Vincent van Gogh, one of my favourite artists.

I was able to visit Arles and Saint Remy quite a few years ago.  There was a Mistral blowing. What could be better? From the movement of the cyprus trees I could see and feel for myself many of the scenes van Gogh painted all those years ago.

For my ATC I went to my collection of images and paper. The results are here for you to see.

The arts…for me currently by way of ATCs…can take you anywhere your imagination leads you. That’s the beauty of the Arts, in all forms.


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