Recycle Turpenoid / Installation

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A few months ago I started using oil paint after years of working in dry media. The question that came to mind was, what should I do with used turpenoid ? I knew I couldn’t just dump it out on weeds.

So I cut back to using the minimum. I put about a teaspoon into the lid of the turpenoid bottle. That’s enough to wet my brushes when I’m out painting.  When the turp in the lid gets too much paint in it, I dump it onto a paper towel and let it dry. When I get home and clean my brushes, I pour a small amount into the two custard bowls. Then I pour the turp with disolved paint into the ball jar. Overnight the paint in solution settles into sediment with more clear turp on top. So I can pour the clear turp off the top back into the custard bowls and use it to clean my brushes again . Or I can dip a paper towel in and use the recycled turp to clean my pallette.

Now I want to see how long it will take to fill the ball jar with paint sediment. I’m happy that I’m not wasting turpenoid, and that I came up with an easy answer for what to do with this poisonous and flammable chemical.


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