Mummy / Horror / Museum of Natural History / Smithsonian

mummy / smithsonianWhen I saw the mummy, before I read the plaque, I said to my daughter, ” This must be a girl mummy. ” There’s no penis on it. Sarah was one step ahead of me. read the plaque and said , “No it’s a man. ” I was shocked ! The mummy we saw last year has a penis ! What happened to this guy ? !  They say they can determine the sex by the bones, and this is male. They also say they don’t know who the mummy is, or have its history.

Let me clue you in , Smithsonian. If you don’t know who dug it up, and it comes to you mutilated, there’s a good chance it was stolen by grave robbers. No one except grave robbers would take the penis off a mummy.  OMG , Think of all the kids and foreign visitors who see this and are disturbed, including myself. Am I the only person outraged by this ?!

Take it out of there ! Bury it or send it back to Egypt !



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  1. kmtsesh
    Oct 31, 2014 @ 00:58:22

    I know this article about the mummy is old, but I’ve been researching circumcision in ancient Egypt and perhaps can help. I’m a docent at two museums in Chicago and am well familiar with mummies, to boot. In many mummifications the lengthy desiccation process destroyed the delicate external genitals, leaving no hint of them to us. It can be confusing to see, but this might be a more likely explanation than tomb robbers destroying the genitals.


    • chris ludke
      Oct 31, 2014 @ 08:40:35

      Thanks for the info! I don’t know, really, but that mummy looks pretty mutilated. Also, I saw a mummy with a well preserved penis. Did you know there’s a penis museum in Iceland? I think that’s where the museum is. I wonder if this mummy’s penis is in the penis museum. In your research have you heard about mummy penis’s stolen by grave robbers and sold as an aphrodisiac? Thanks again for your input!


    • chris ludke
      Oct 31, 2014 @ 22:41:00

      I was thinking about your comment today. You might be joking, a docent studying circumcision in ancient Egypt. omg. no. Are you putting me on?


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