Postmodern Art at the Corcoran / Washington DC.

postmodern art @ corcoran

Enoc Perez’s huge grey paintings of the Watergate make the building look like a bomb went off there. I wonder if he hates the Watergate. His huge paintings of the buildings in Chicago are bloody red rectangles. I tried to read the statement , but I can’t see why he calls the exhibit “Utopia”.

Taryn Simon has galleries filled with groups of photos in large frames. They all look the same, like class photos or mug shots. You have to read about their problems . (yawn) The title “A Living Man Declared Dead And Other Chapters” is more interesting than the photos.

The Corcoran has a lot of great masterpieces too. There’s a few galleries where you can enjoy fine paintings. Then you get into galleries where the paintings are hung 3 deep up to the high ceiling. It reminds me of an art gift shop where you have to ask a sales person to bring a ladder to get one down for you to look at. That seems like a disrespectful way to hang the masterpieces. I wonder why they don’t eliminate some of the junk rooms and spread out the good art.

Reading the free literature pictured here, gave me ADD.


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