glazes on the background trees

what's I like glazes

what I like about glazes

I’m working from top to bottom, and from background to foreground, using gel medium in the paint. I put two coats of paint on the sky. The first layer of paint was too grey, so I blued it up a little. I mixed my paint outside every day. When I get home and look at it, I decide what I want to correct the next day before I move on to the next step. When the glazes dry a little overnight, you can layer as many changes as you want to , and the eye blends the glazes. When I look at it at home, and I don’t like it , I can just wipe it off with a paper towel and a little turp, without ruining the dried layers underneath. When artists mix too much color on the canvas wet all at once, they get what they call mud. This is loss of chroma. With glazes you don’t get mud, you get depth in your shadows.


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