glazes on the middle ground / spillpond / Meadow Farm

more talk about chroma

more talk about chroma

At York Academy of Art in our color theory class we learned about hue ( color ) value ( light to dark ) and chroma ( brightness ). When artists talk about muddy color, they’re seeing loss of chroma. The paint as it comes out of the tube is the strongest chroma for that color. The more colors you mix in, the greyer it gets. That’s why it helps to mix paint on your palette with a palette knife in plein air in the shade. You can hold up your palette knife with paint on it and compare it to what you see. Then you can layer warm and cool colors, or light and dark colors together in the same day, all wet paint. You don’t need to worry about making mud if you’re not mixing the paint on the canvas. Some blending can happen on the canvas , but not enough to ruin the brightness.


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