Nipplepalooza 13 / collage

Happy Valentines Day !

Happy Valentines Day !

Some ladies say that the standards of beauty are unrealistic and give them low self esteem. Some people say all women are beautiful. I don’t see myself as beautiful, but it doesn’t hurt my self esteem. So I don’t comment on that debate.

At York Academy of Art, our teachers told us to never draw skin blemishes, wrinkles, scars etc. If any of us had detailed skin blemishes into our figure drawings, Tom Wise would have been very harsh on us. Drawing fat was ok though.

Now I see these larger than life nude figure paintings, badly cropped with warts and all in tight detail. The feminist lady artists convince their friends and relatives to sit for a nude photo shoot by giving them wine .Then they enlarge the photos and trace. They crop the head off the painting because the model doesn’t want to be identified. Or they paint a hat over the face. It seems weak to me, but those ugly paintings that I can’t force myself to look at twice win the prize money !! When I complain to my daughter ,Sarah, she tells me if I make huge nipple paintings, I could be popular.

This collage is 8×10. I decided to do the theme, but go abstract with it. I had fun doing the collage. If it makes me famous, stay tuned for Nipplestock, Nippleaid, Nipplechella and Nipplebury. 🙂


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