ATC: “Wherever You Go…”

Collage. Artist Trading Card (ATC)

Collage. Artist Trading Card (ATC)

The Artist Trading Card is a great way to work. To quote an art retailer: “The biggest movement in art is very small.”

I have recently finished my course at The Art Center in Mechanicsburg, PA. My goal is to not drop the momentum and try to produce a piece a week between now and the next session with Sue Marrazzo. I guess for me, it’s always been about production…one of the reasons I never became a painter. The art of my soul has always been in printmaking…which is why I became a commercial screen printer and am now working in the Pre-Press department of a major publication printer.

With Spring in the air at last, the piece of the week is an Artist Trading Card (ATC) with wanderlust as the main theme.

I used illustration board as the substrate and built up the layers using found objects: magazine pages, postage stamp, ephemera, and handmade paper. Mediums used were Mat, Iridescent, and Glass Beads.

The quote has always intrigued me. Spring is a great time to explore…both physically, mentally, and emotionally!


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