Japanese Weeping Cherry Tree

oil paint

oil paint

Last year it was warm in March and the cherry trees bloomed early and the flowers didn’t last long. One hot day they dropped like snow under the trees. I knew if I wanted to paint the Weeping Cherry when it bloomed I had to plan ahead for 2013. So I started working on this painting in Feb.
Then this year the weather stayed colder, cloudier, wetter and windier. I worked on the background a couple hours at a time on sunny days. I took my time drawing the tree and added more whips every time I put another glaze on it.
I came to a stopping point waiting for the little tree to bloom. Then I waited for spring impatiently for weeks. Finally the tree is blooming. The flowers were about half way open two days ago and I was so excited to finish the painting that I didn’t wait for the full bloom.
The other cherry trees aren’t blooming yet, but they’re not the same variety as this little grafted Japanese Weeping Cherry.
I took some shots of the painting showing the layers of glazes. They’re posted below stripping off the layers back to my underpainting.


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