The Cow is OK / center / 2003 / pastel

image 18.75 x 26.5

image 18.75 x 26.5

In 2002 I took a road trip. I picked up Rt. 66 in Springfield MO. and followed it to Santa Monica CA. I took a few detours off Rt. 66 to see different sights then went back to the famous road. I decided to go to the Grand Canyon and try to get on a mule ride, so I stopped in Flagstaff AZ. at a grocery store and bought some carrots to make friends with my mule. The mule rides are booked up months in advance and everyone on the schedule showed up that morning for the ride. So I got back in my car and went back to Rt.66. with the carrots in my car.

I saw signs saying to watch out for wild burrows but I couldn’t spot them. The road was narrow, twisty and steep. I was glad I was driving the old Buick instead of a camper or SUV.
Then I pulled into a small town called Oatman AZ. and that’s where the wild burrows hang around. The burrows smelled the carrots as I was driving in and they had their huge heads all over my car before I could park ! They got burrow slobber all over the car, and I couldn’t get the windows up fast enough. The burrows gobbled up the carrots in seconds. I laughed while I explored Oatman and shopped for a souvenir. Then I bought the skull of the bull and it had to ride on my back seat for the rest of my trip because it didn’t fit in the trunk.

When I got back to VA. I hung the skull on the wall over my fireplace. Then I started drawing it. I drew it about 10 times.


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