Reconciliation Triangle by Steven Broadbent

If this sculpture makes you feel guilty about slavery you are politically correct.

If this sculpture makes you feel guilty about slavery you are politically correct.

For those not correct, some info.

The 2013 S.T.B.S. Foundation Report ( Stop The Bull S==t )

“Spontaneous Human Combustion”

The question raised by a recent TV documentary “Does Holding In Farts Cause Spontaneous Human Combustion?” was researched. Investigators reported a fart smell at the scenes of multiple unexplained deaths where the body was reduced to ash but the rest of the place was not burned.

Surveys revealed that farts are funny and smell good. The best procedure is to fart in situations where humor is needed, and indoors so exposure to the most people can maximize enjoyment. Examples they give for the best use of farts are
1 church
2 jury duty
3 job interviews
4 movie theaters
5 grocery stores
6 offices

The Foundation reports that holding a fart for a good opportunity doesn’t cause spontaneous human combustion. The study indicates that it is impossible for a human body to spontaneously combust because the body is mostly water. Those “people” who burst into flames are actually space aliens disguised as humans.

Space alien bodies are composed of wax and methane. They drink gasoline which makes them highly flammable in an oxygen rich atmosphere. Space aliens have many human disguises available to hide in plain sight while they plot to take over the Earth.

If you think someone you know is a space alien you can confirm it by holding up a lighter. Don’t flick on the flame because if the space alien explodes you could be injured. If the suspect is a space alien they will make a hasty exit. If the person is a human they will ignore the lighter.

When space aliens drive into Richmond and see this sculpture they think we want them to come here for their “meet and greet”.
The foundation recommends that we replace this P.O.C. (piece of cr=p) with a huge sculpture of a lighter. That will tell the space aliens to get back on 95.


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