Pitcher Plant Flowers / oil paint in the couch

oil paint technique and mediums

oil paint technique and mediums

When I started painting with oil paint last year I remembered Maroger Medium, but they don’t sell it in art supply stores. At York Academy of Art, Ted Fitzgee and Tom Wise wanted us to use Maroger Medium because it’s what the masters used. We bought it in York PA. at a store where the owner mixed it up for the art students. You can find recipes online , but you might have to cook lead, and I can’t do that safely. So I bought a tube of Grumbacher Gel Medium and used it for my first 10 paintings. It’s thick and I mixed the color paint I needed then added some of the Grumbacher Gel and turpenoid to make my glazes. I ran out of the Grumbacher Medium and couldn’t find another tube of the same medium in the stores, so I bought a bottle of Winsor & Newton Liquin Light Gel. I remembered  “painting in the couch”, a technique Fitzgee told us to use. That’s when you paint the canvas with medium and paint with oil on top. The Liquin Light Gel is thinner wetter and slick so there’s no drag on the brush. You can use less turp to do your glazes. And it saves time because you don’t have to mix the medium in with each color you want in your layers of glazes. The Liquin Light Gel gives the painting a shiny surface. I was glad I remembered “painting in the couch” from Y.A.A. I had fun with it and I will continue to practice this technique


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  1. regnistegg999
    May 15, 2013 @ 16:35:50

    I like Utrecht oil painting medium


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