Baby Dragon / bronze / 1990 something

the lost wax method / inspiration to do another bronze

the lost wax method / inspiration to do another bronze

About 20 years ago I took a bronze casting class at The Visual Art Center in Richmond. We got a small piece of dark brown  wax to make a model that would take about $100 worth of bronze. Modeling wax was fun and easy. You can heat up a palette knife over a candle and cut or bend the wax.  You can use the heated knife to melt the wax and join pieces together.

The class went to a small foundry and saw how the forge works. I think the owner is a blacksmith. He attached wax sprews to our wax models so the bronze can flow in. Then he dipped the models in a ceramic mix that hardened fast when he heated it to melt out the wax. He poured the bronze in and the ceramic mold broke off easily. We had to cut off the bronze sprews and grind them down and put a patina on the bronze.

I love doing sculpture and I hope to do another bronze in the future. My plan is to make a sculpture of the handsome Captain John Smith gallantly kissing the hand of the beautiful Indian princess Pocahontas. I will do it for the city of Richmond. They should let me have some of the ugly bronze out there on the street. We can recycle it and keep the cost down for my sculpture.


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