O Muse!…The Story of a Life

O Muse!

O Muse!

I am a hopeless Romantic. I admit it..freely.

The collage is in a Journal I started as part of the 1001 Journals Project. The theme is “Friendship”.

I was intrigued when I purchased both photos used in the piece…what was the story? Who were the women? Why is the woman in the photo in a suit and top hat? Are they all friends…or more?

I guess I’ll never know the answer, but wouldn’t it be nice to know how they came to that point in their lives…the image frozen forever on film…and where did life take them? Who was the Muse to guide them?

The collage is a bit of a hybrid. It started out as a conventional piece using vintage photos, found and handmade papers, and inks. In the end, digital ephemera was added. I love digital work as much as conventional, and it came together for me in this piece.

Happy Pride Month. May you all find a friendship, or a love, to last a lifetime.


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