Not Only in Heaven….


Ocean Dreams Altered Journal

As the temperatures climb, my thoughts are drawn to anywhere refreshing and cool…especially the ocean. And the ocean to me means Coney Island. I loved everything about Coney Island…from the subway ride, to getting to the water by walking down the streets with the magical names…Surf Avenue, Nautilus Avenue, Neptune Avenue, and the best of all…Mermaid Avenue!

I have a fascination with Mermaids. The concept is so intriguing to me. The idea of living life in the ocean, swimming in the moonlight, wearing starfish in your flowing hair sounds wonderful to me. I like to think of the mermaids as benevolent, beautiful creatures…graceful as they swim, like Synchronised Swimmers with added drama and mystery.

The page is from a 1001 Journals Project journal. The theme was Ocean Dreams. What could be dreamier than vintage mermaids?

The page incorporates vintage images of mermaids and starfish, found paper, handmade paper, postage stamps, inks and dyes.

But best of all is the quote from Johann Heinrich Linck‘s De stellis marinis liber singularis written in 1733:

“Not only in heaven, but also in the seas are there stars.”

And the mermaid’s brilliance reflect in their celestial  light.


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