Journey Within by Dora Natella of Granger, IN. / terra cotta

8 x 6 x 5 not for sale. This one got my vote for "peoples' choice"

8 x 6 x 5 not for sale.
This one got my vote for “peoples’ choice”

This was the first time I vacationed at Myrtle Beach  SC. I picked up a brochure about Brookgreen Gardens that said it’s the world’s largest sculpture garden. When I saw they have a sculpture of Don Quixote by Anna Hyatt Huntington I wanted to see it. I love her sculpture of Two Fawns Playing at the VMFA. And Don Quixote is my favorite fictional character.

It costs $14 for an adult ticket that’s good for 7 days. My good luck brought me there in time to see the 80th Annual Awards Exhibit of the National Sculpture Society. The show will be in their galleries till Oct.27.

If you love looking at fine sculpture as much as I do, Brookgreen Gardens is worth the drive. There’s not a junk sculpture in the whole place. They have hundreds of beautiful pieces of art.

I’m posting 3 photos of sculptures from the National Sculpture Society. I was so impressed by all the beautiful figures and the quality of everything in the show it was an inspiration.


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