my study / Large Seated Lion by Antoine-Louis Barye

original in bronze. my study graphite and white chalk

original in bronze.
my study graphite and white chalk

The bronze is small but I get the feeling this is a very strong animal as I’m trying to copy all the muscle groups. A museum guard and I both wondered if Barye exaggerated  the anatomy. I think the sculptures are probably anatomically correct but they seem like stronger lions than what I see on TV.

It’s important when you do a drawing study to stand in front of your subject and make the drawing as close to what you see as you can. If you take a photo and trace it you don’t remember things like muscle groups as well. And the proportions of the subject get a little file in your brain that you can use in the future. But if I took photos of lions I would only have a drawer full of photos.

At York Academy of Art they told us drawing is the most important skill an artist must have. The better your drawing skill is the better your paintings will be. There’s always room for improvement so an artist is not wasting time if they do a lot of sketches they never use for a finished painting. Every study is a challenge and answers questions.


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