Mother Nature and The Seasons…

DemeterDemeter Goddess of Nature

An assignment for my Creative Collage Class was to explore the theme of Nature. Autumn is a time of reflection for me…the changing of the Seasons, the shorter days and longer nights..the brisk nip in the air.

The assignment was to incorporate at least one image transfer. I looked through my collection of photocopies and kept coming back to a palmistry hand…palm open with descriptions marked for guidance.

But what would be a good match to a hand? I thought about the changing of the Seasons. I thought about how so many cultures celebrate the seasons through the eyes of a Mother Nature Goddess. And that is when I remembered the Greek Goddess Demeter.

I started with the hand. The photocopy was transferred to a canvas board. I added Distress Inks to the background using masks and a variety of wax resists. Through the use of stencils…both “home made” and Punchinella…I completed the background with metallic acrylic paint.

With the background finished, I added the image of Demeter. As she is associated with the fertile earth, I surrounded her with flowers and butterflies.

I very much enjoyed the project…and finished it during the Full Moon.

Goddess, Muse, Spirit…each brings a gift of change and delight for every Season.


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