Outer Sarcophagus of Hor / detail / figures from ancient Egypt

breaking news about King Tut's penis on the link below

breaking news about King Tut’s penis on the link below

This photo shows the outer sarcophagus of Hor 525-404 BC. It’s on loan to the VMFA from the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

A link of interest


Is that mutilated mummy still in the Museum of Natural History? A year ago I told them to return it to Egypt but they didn’t respond. I’m afraid to go back and look for it because it’s too gross and scary. In the real world my opinion doesn’t mean anything. If I was Michelle Obama the 1st thing I’d do is tell the Smithsonian to send that horror back to Egypt so it can be properly taken care of according to their customs. Will someone let Michelle Obama know about it so she can right this wrong thing in the museum? The taxpayers would appreciate it.


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