Pond at Cold Harbor / oil

The joy of taking your sweet time

The joy of taking your sweet time-

This painting got delayed by the holidays and bad weather. I’m glad I don’t feel the pressure to complete a painting every day or every week. It seems like an art treadmill to me.

Most of the regular jobs I had in my life were sewing jobs. I like working with my hands and wanted jobs that wouldn’t be too demanding. Sadly,  it didn’t work out that way and I had to fire every boss that ever hired me. They rushed me every day. They promised the job finished when the fabric was still on backorder. I called it bad management and swore I’d never rush again. Then I sewed slip covers on my own for years and my customers never rushed me. To me rushing the job takes the joy out of the work.

When I can see that what I want to do is difficult,  I need to stop and think about how to proceed. I’ll finish it eventually and the results will be better.

When I paint in plein air I like to hang around in the place I’m trying to capture. I can be found working hard or taking a break and enjoying the view, in the most beautiful places around here. To me it’s nice when people get used to seeing me there and stop to talk.

Taking my time, going back to the same time of day to catch the same light again and again gives me a feeling of being in it and part of it, and bringing it home with me. Does that make any sense?

I wish I could see more artists enjoying nature  with me. Don’t be shy, it’s your right.


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