The Marsh at Henricus / oil

See the shots below stripping off the layers of paint all the way back to my underpainting

See the shots below stripping off the layers of paint all the way back to my underpainting.

“Painting in the couch”  is working for me because it’s easy to make corrections. I wish I had some Maroger Medium but it’s not available here. My daughter told me they make it in Mexico. I’m using Liquin Light Gel Medium. To paint in the couch you paint clear medium on the dry canvas in the area you want to work, then paint into the slick medium with paint thinned with a little turp.

I like when it bleeds because it’s easy to control the bleed with a dry brush or paper towels. If you mix your colors on your palette with a palette knife you can let a warm color and cool color bleed together and the result isn’t a muddy color but a gray that vibrates a little. Then you can let it dry overnight and build on top of it with more glazes or more opaque colors.

If I mix a color and I think it’s right but when I paint it into the couch it looks like the wrong value it’s easy to wipe it off and I don’t destroy what I did before because the layer underneath is dry.

Building up layers of glazes gives depth to the background and makes shadows more interesting. I painted the cat tails on top. not in the couch , with opaque paint so they would stand out from the rest.


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  1. sarahjanethill84
    Jan 25, 2014 @ 08:31:25

    Hi Mom- looks great! I started wordpress blog about working up the guts to travel around the world. Don’t worry, I’m not leaving for two years.


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