Skull of a lion / plastic

the story about the skull

the story about the skull

I unpacked some boxes recently while rearranging my apt. and remembered a strange thing about the skull.

In 05 my daughter Sarah, was an exchange student in Perth, Western Australia at Edith Cowan University. I wasn’t happy about her leaving the USA but I couldn’t stop her so I went along to see where she would live. We saw a lot of Australia and both loved it! I stayed 3 weeks and she stayed 6 months. Sarah had orientation and I had a few days on my own before I had to come home. I like to draw skulls and wanted to buy a skull of a kangaroo for a souvenir, so I looked up a taxidermist in Perth. He told me I’d have to jump through hoops of government restrictions to take a skull home but he had a skull of a lion and a skull of a crocodile I could buy.

Sorry I can’t remember his name. He’s a master of taxidermy. He showed me a Golden Eagle he just finished working on. It looked alive! Not a feather out of place and he said it was road kill. He makes molds of skulls because sometimes customers bring him the hide but not the whole animal. The molded skull of the croc was HUGE! and cost $500. I bought the lion for $200 and took it to the post office in Perth to mail it home to myself. I bought the box and packing supplies there and packed it up and labeled it “skull of lion made of plastic”.

It took 6 months to get to VA. and by then I forgot about it. I wonder how many times it was unpacked by inspectors. What really surprised me is that it arrived at my house on July 25 the birthday of my 2 dear departed Leo friends Jackie Hill and Dick Clayman. I don’t believe in ghosts but sometimes I wonder if God is messing with me because I have a lot of coincidences like that.

I don’t know if I can draw the skull because the cavities are filled in solid plastic.


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