Sarah’s chair before photo

sarah's chair before photo
I don’t know who made this slipcover but I couldn’t follow it as a pattern. I had to cut the fabric the way Jackie Hill taught me so I could be sure it would work out.
The seat is held on to the chair by 3 L brackets so I took it off and stapled the gray fabric on top the original.
In the past I had jobs covering cornices and headboards so I use my electric staple gun sometimes and a slipcover can be partly an upholstery job. I also stapled the fabric to the bottom of edge of the chair.
The barrel shape of the chair is nice to look at but I still had construction problems with the curve that I had to work out. I had to cut the fabric and put in a gusset on the piece on the inside of the back under the seat. I don’t think it’s noticeable.
I run into construction problems with a lot of chairs. It’s the same with sewing and drawing. For every problem there’s an answer. For every mistake there’s a way to fix it. The more different working experiences you get under your belt, the more ways you can think of to make a project work.


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