Infinite Wave Pillow / design #3 / step 1

Do these circles remind you of water lilies?

Do these circles remind you of water lilies?

Here’s a good pillow making tip. I can’t remember which of the excellent seamstresses I worked with told me this. When making a circular pillow if you just cut circles and sew them together it doesn’t fill in nicely with pillow stuffing because circles have uneven tension on the seam going around. To take the tension off the circle, sew a loose stitch around the circle and pull a thread so it gathers up about an inch. Then when you put in the fiberfill it gets rounder looking with no flat spots. The gathers aren’t noticeable when it’s finished.

When I had these circles gathered I thought they look like water lilies. How would it be if I sew a bunch of them and throw them down on the floor in some gallery and call it an installation? Pillows seem sculptural to me.


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  1. Gretchen Getsinger
    Apr 21, 2014 @ 17:18:32

    I can see waterlily leaves in these circles, too. I think a waterlily theme in fabric sculpture would be great! I’ve been thinking of doing a waterlily floorcloth but your idea is so much more fun!


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