Where Do Your Possibilities Dwell?


In my studio, above one of my favourite camel bags, is a wall quote: “Dwell In Possibilities” paraphrased from the poem written by Emily Dickinson.

When inspiration is sometimes lost,, I like to sit and let Emily’s poem envelop me, like a quilt of ideas and images. And before I know it, I too am dreaming in a house of my choosing where the roof is as limitless as the night sky.

For Emily, poetry as opposed to prose allowed her the power and freedom of self-expression she was seeking.  And without the magic of poetry, her Muse, would her visitors be able to open the doors and windows of their soul?

The substrate for the collage is a canvas panel. A photo of Emily, floral art paper, magazine paper, vintage advertisements, and handmade paper form the grid. Washi tape and acrylic paint pushed through  hand cut stencils finish the collage.

Each of us in the Arts has a unique vision and purpose. Whether we build our house of paper and ink, or of paint and canvas, or movement, or melody, or words…aren’t we extending an invitation to share in our endless passionate journey?

Where do your possibilities dwell?


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