Infinite Wave pillow design #5

Fake Fur, a cautionary tale

Fake Fur, a cautionary tale

The lady in the fabric store who cut this fabric for me made a frown. Then after cutting she did a grand sweeping gesture to blow the threads off the table in disgust. I knew it meant the fabric was a mess to work with but at that time I didn’t realize how bad it really is.

If you’re like me in a fabric store the shiny fabrics catch your eye. Can you resist touching the soft fabrics? I can’t keep my hands off them. And this is very soft. If you’re in a store and you see this fake fur calmly walk away from it.

When I got into sewing it I saw the floor around my machine was all covered with white. I said, “Look, I made it snow up in here.” Then I saw tiny shiny white dust was sticking to my clothes and skin. It got in my nose too. Years ago I sewed fiberglass fabrics. It’s pretty but itchy to sew. I took a few threads in my fingers and got my lighter close to it. The fibers VANISHED! before my eyes and my fingers didn’t feel the heat. I never saw fabric burn that fast except fiberglass. I was back in the store another day and checked the label on the bolt. It said 100% polyester, made in China, flammable. So I’m not sure it’s fiberglass because the label says polyester, but maybe the label isn’t right.

After I was finished sewing I took it outside and shook it and shook it some more to get all the loose threads off. Tiny shiny pieces were floating in the air like down. I think it won’t shed anymore. It’s pretty and soft, but I probably won’t buy this fabric again.


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  1. sarahjanethill84
    May 24, 2014 @ 08:11:59

    This one looks like a coconut bon bon! Yum!


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