Hex Sign Pillow

A hex sign keeps bad spirits out of your barn.

A hex sign keeps bad spirits out of your barn.

It’s not easy to write about the PA. Dutch because it’s a complicated mix of religion and superstition. I’m from a PA. Dutch family but my childhood experiences might not be typical. I don’t know for sure, I left Ephrata long ago. I’m not religious or superstitious. I always liked to draw hex signs because it’s fun to spin a compass around and make a perfect circle and divide it up into a nice star then decorate it. I’ll tell you a little story I remember and if I’m wrong, please feel free to correct me as I’m not a fact checking person.

Pennsylvania was the most free of the 13 colonies because William Penn was a Quaker. William Penn’s family had a high rank in the Church Of England and they were embarrassed because they thought the Quakers were a cult. So they put William Penn in charge of this huge chunk of woods they named Pennsylvania to get him out of England. Penn said there would be ABSOLUTE freedom of religion in PA.

No witches got killed in PA until 1968. A guy living out in the country in York County accused his neighbor of hexing him and shot him. I think the Wiccan who got killed was named Rehmeyer.

A hex sign on a barn is a good thing but a witch hexing someone is bad. A witch hexed me here in VA. and I didn’t find out about it till years later. I had a good laugh about it. It’s a long story.

PA. is a little peculiar in that the PA. Dutch are non confrontational. If they don’t approve of your lifestyle they will shun you. Shunning is ignoring. If you’re from N.Y. or N.J. you might have to listen to some verbal abuse if you don’t fit in, but in PA. they just want you to go away. Shunning might sound harsh but being persecuted would be much worse. And there are so many witches there that it’s easy for them to find each other.

Now the times they are a changing. People move into Lancaster Co. from far away, and people who grew up there move out. The PA. Dutch are finding it more difficult to avoid the modern world.


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  1. Gretchen Getsinger
    Jun 11, 2014 @ 08:01:54

    Great story and I love your hex pillow.


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