Travel Authentically!

Travel Easy

Travel Easy – ATC

Sometimes traveling can seem overwhelming. Preparing for a trip produces a laundry list of things to do…and often it seems never enough time to do them. But exciting it is. I love everything about the preparations, knowing events many not run to plan, but that’s where the “adventure” begins.

Keeping this feeling in mind, I looked through my box of ephemera, letting my Muse guide me. And there they were…my collection of road maps. I love to look at maps. The road systems intrigue me. The names of the cities always sound so exotic. The cool blue of the rivers, lakes, and oceans make a peaceable rest stop from the lines and names surrounding them. Attached to the maps I found a piece of phone book paper. It was just what I wanted. And so my journey began…

The substrate for the Artist Trading Card is illustration board.  As many of my favourite excursions were circuitous in nature, I cut some of my favourite maps into strips and wove them together. And places are nothing without faces, so I added the translucent phone book pages.

Our travels, whether physical road trips or spiritual trips within, are a journey of transformation. Each experience brings knowledge and wisdom. To quote Robert Frost, “I look the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference.” May you find the less traveled road to your authentic self.


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