Ganymede and the Eagle by Bertel Thorvaldson

Danish 1815

Danish 1815

The plaque at the museum says Ganymede was the prince of Troy and the eagle is Zeus in disguise. Zeus then carried Ganymede off to Olympus to be cup bearer to the gods.

Do you think Ganymede wanted be cup bearer to the gods? Is that all Zeus wanted from Ganymede? I don’t remember this story, but it sounds kind of fishy to me that Zeus had to disguise himself to get Ganymede to go with him. I remember Zeus disguised himself as a bull and became Europa’s pet so she trusted him enough to go for a ride on his back. Then he abducted her. Ganymede, who probably had a nice life as a prince was another good looking victim for Zeus. Did ancient Greek parents tell their children if a wild animal wants to be your friend RUN! Because it sounds like Ganymede might be Zeus’ slave. And I was surprised Zeus went after a boy because I thought he only went after girls. Those ancient Greek gods had a bad reputation. Zeus was the worst and he was the boss.


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