Virginia Bluebells with Crepe Myrtle / oil pastel

I got this little set of oil pastels at AC Moore for only $5.25.

I got this little set of oil pastels at AC Moore for only $5.25.

It’s getting crowded over at Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens with Garden Week. The Tulips are going CRAZY over there!

I wanted to paint the Bluebells on a busy path. I thought they look great with the bark of the Crepe Myrtle behind them. I didn’t want to block the path with my easel, so I held my sketchbook in my hand standing up to draw. I had a little bottle of turp and a paintbrush in my bag to work the oil pastels. It’s fun to wash turp over the oil pastels, and it dries fast, so you can build up some layers in one day. When a lot of people came down the path, I sat down on a bench and did some blending on my sketch. Some people don’t feel comfortable walking between an artist and the subject, but it doesn’t bother me, I don’t want them to feel uncomfortable walking there. So I think for that reason it’s important for artists to get comfortable holding a sketchbook in one hand and drawing with the other standing up to draw. You have more freedom of movement and you don’t get in the way of others. Also it’s fun to work in different media sometimes, so I enjoyed the oil pastels.

When I got home and had another look at my drawing, I wanted to define the flowers more than I was able to do with the oil pastels, so I used some violet oil paint that was left over from my last painting and thinned it down so I could add some lines on my bluebells. I don’t now how well the detail shows up on your computer screen.


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