Dali signing Picasso’s name / photo

image lifted from imgur.com

image lifted from imgur.com

hahahah I think Picasso is overrated too.

Is Picasso the Daddy of Modern art? Why does the art world love him so much? His paintings show his hate of women. Hey, I’m as smart as freaking Picasso and I can draw better than he could. But there’s no chance the art world will ever recognize my genius. Why not? because I’m a girl. So, because the art world discriminates against women, I’m doomed to never be known as long as I’m alive. The art world does definitely discriminate against women. Look at the work of their hero, Picasso. How many famous female artists can you name? I can only think of a few. Now try to think of the names of famous male artists. You can go on listing them all day. All through history, it’s been that way, with women being ignored and men with overblown egos getting recognized. Now the modern art world thinks what you have to do to be the next great artist is to be more crazy than the next guy. and young artists don’t learn the basic skill of drawing, because their guy Picasso led them to believe it’s not necessary.

I’ll give you some inside information. My brilliant daughter, Sarah Hill, knows how the art world works, and she has a genius marketing plan to put in place when I die. If you like any of my paintings, you should buy them when I’m still alive, because after I die, Sarah will add zeroes to the price I’m asking. And she will sell them. I’ll just have to be happy that I have the opportunity to concentrate on painting, which a lot of talented women don’t ever get the time to do.


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